Brain & Body Donation Resources

Brain Autopsy

Mayo Clinic: Laboratory Medicine and Pathology

Phone: 507-284-2511

University of Minnesota Patients

Dr. Rose, Surgical Pathology
Phone: 612-273-5758
Brain donations may be made to neurological research if studies are available.

Minneapolis VA Healthcare System Decedent Affairs

Phone: 612-467-2026
Decedent Affairs indicated veterans need to have been entered into the Minneapolis VAMC electronic records system in order to receive an autopsy at the Minneapolis VA.

Brain Donation

HealthPartners: Dementia Brain Bank Research Program

Phone: 800-229-2872 or 651-254-2743
This is one of the world’s largest collections of brain tissue, which contributes to research on the neurochemistry, physiology, and diagnosis of dementing illnesses.

Body Donation

University of Minnesota Anatomy Bequest Program
Phone: 612-625-1111